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Book Anatomy: What is a Gatefold?

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Quick's an oversized page folded to the same size as the text block and intended to be opened out.


Looking to add some fun to your book or have a large graphic that deserves more space? A gatefold might be the answer. While gatefolds look easy, they are a bit complicated to desgin, so here are some helpful hints.


To get the strongest bind in the book, gatefolds should be placed between signatures or in the middle of the signature. Check out this 8 page gatefold that is placed between signatures

Her, Glitterati


If the final design does not allow for placement between or in the middle of signatures, gatefolds can be tipped in but it will have a glue strip to adhere it to the book block. Below is also a 8 page gatefold, but it's tipped in.

Deflowered, Judy Chicago


Want to up the gatefold fun? Do a perforated getefold and you can remove that decorative graphic to hang up on your wall. Mind blown!

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