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Perfect Packaging

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Yes! The packaging! With just a little more planning you can turn your project into a complete experience.


Take, for example, Chic Chicago - Couture Treasures from the Chicago History Museum. This project uses a simple artcard slipcase to create a lot of drama. The three-quarter slipcase is printed with a breathtaking detail of a 1937 Jeanne Lanvin gown. Not only are the sequins embossed, they’re printed with faux silver ink (built using CMYK) with spot uv! The treatment trifecta makes the entire package over the top glamorous.  It must be touched! But not too much because that’s creepy.   

Or how about this hot stamped wooden box for the Great Outdoor Playing Cards? Perfectly paired with the illustrated outdoorsy theme playing cards, this natural wood box is hot stamped to give it a burnt wood appearance. This happens to be **THE** perfect deck of cards for any nature lover. 

What about this clamshell that looks exactly like a pizza box (sans grease stains)? Melcher Media wanted us to create this crafty pizza box to compliment The Pizza Hut Story, Pizza Hut’s 50th Anniversary corporate history. The perfect packaging for this particular project!  

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